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Why does my mobile not recognise my UW SIM?

Having trouble with a new UW SIM, here are a few helpful hints to get you to a solution.

Mobile says 'invalid SIM'?

If your phone comes up with an invalid SIM card message, this may be because you're trying to use your new UW SIM card in a handset locked to another network. If you suspect this is the cause, get in touch wih your previous provider and ask them to unlock your phone.

Mobile says 'no SIM card inserted' or 'please insert SIM'?

If you've inserted your UW SIM card and your phone doesn't accept it, try the SIM in another phone to help us see if there's a problem with your SIM card or phone.

If the SIM card is not recognized on any phone, please contact us and we'll see if you need to receive a new SIM card.

If the phone seems to be a matter of concern, please contact us and we're going to try and resolve this for you.

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