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What’s 5G? How can I upgrade to it?

5G is fast, faster than anything you’ve  experienced before. Stream videos at higher resolution, enjoy better quality video calls and download films in seconds. 5G has more capacity, allowing more connections in busy places.  

Does 5G replace 4G?

5G works with 4G but it doesn’t replace 4G. If you have a 5G handset and you’re on our Unlimited+ plan, you will have access to 5G. Your phone will automatically connect to 4G and 5G parts of the network at the same time, giving you access and capacity to both.

Is 5G really that much faster than 4G?

With 5G, you can expect maximum download speeds of around 100 Mb/s in some areas. With 4G, average download speeds are around 30 Mb/s - what an upgrade! Your apps and internet browsing could be over three times faster if you opt for a 5G plan. 

How do I switch to 5G?

You’ll need a 5G phone and our Unlimited+ plan.

How do I turn on 5G?

If you’re in an area with 5G and have a 5G SIM, you’ll automatically switch to 5G and be ready to go. 

Where can I get 5G?

See if you can get 5G in your area by using our

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