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Why can't I access adult content on my mobile?

The adult content bar allows you to control whether 18 rated content can be accessed through the mobile data connection from your mobile browser. You can still access social networking sites but not 18-rated content in accordance with the British Board of Film Classification guidelines.

For your protection all our Mobile services are supplied with an adult content bar in place as default. The bar also prevents you from being able to call premium rate numbers on your mobile phone.

Should you wish to have this lifted you can simply call us, once your first direct debit has been processed.

If you haven't yet paid your first direct debit but you'd like to remove the bar, you may be asked to provide either:

  • A recent credit card statement showing a limit of £1,000 with the previous balance paid completely.

  • A minimum of £250 towards any outstanding balance on the credit card.

before we can lift the bar.

If you wish to reactive a

previously lifted bar, give our team a call.

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