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What are the UW APN settings for mobile data?

An APN is the Access Point Name that needs to be set up to get mobile Data on your phone. This will usually be set up automatically. If data is not working on your mobile try restarting your handset.

If you want to enter our APN settings yourself please see our settings below:

UW APN settings

  • Name: UW

  • APN:

  • Username: user (optional)

  • Password: one2one (optional)

UW MMS settings

  • Name: UW MMS

  • Use proxy: Yes 

  • MMS Proxy:

  • MMS Port: 8080

  • Authentication Type: PAP

  • Username: user (optional)

  • Password: one2one (optional)

  • APN Type: internet+MMS.

You can also find support for your handset from the manufacturer, here's a link to some


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