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What’s the difference between roaming and international calls?

While both are activated when your ‘Roaming and international’ settings are turned on, the two services have different rules and charges. 

What’s roaming?

Roaming means your SIM will work when using your mobile to call, text and use data in another country. It does this by connecting to another local network abroad instead of our UK network.

What are international calls?

International calls are calls made to a non-UK number, wherever you are. If you’re in the UK and want to call someone who lives abroad or has a foreign number, you’ll need our ‘Roaming and international’ setting turned on. 

Why would I need both turned on?

When you’re roaming, you’ll likely use international calls as well, whether to make calls to local places or catch up with loved ones back home. If you’re travelling in the EU, roaming and international calls may be included in your tariff, known as ‘


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