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How do I prepare my mobile before going abroad?

Here at UW, we’ve got everything you need to know on how to roam like a pro and make calls across the globe. Follow our handy guide to get yourself ready:

1. Check your SIM settings 

Before your trip, go into

→ Services → Mobile → SIM settings and select the mobile number you want to view. You’ll see the option for ‘Roaming and international’ which you can turn on or off which should update the same day. Turning this setting on will allow you to make calls, text and use data abroad.

Need more help? See our help guide article on how to turn these on

2. Be in charge of your bill

While you’re away, be in control of how much you’re spending on roaming and international calls. Read our top tips

Don’t forget! Our ‘

’ policy means you can use your calls, texts and data in any EU country like you do here in the UK subject to our If you’re looking to roam further afield,

3. Be 4G ready

Countries like the USA have shut down their 3G mobile network, meaning you may need a 4G handset and SIM to travel. If we sent you your SIM in 2017 or later, you’ll be all set with 4G. If you’re not sure, look out for a banner asking you to upgrade by going to ‘

’ → Services → Mobile.

To learn more about the 3G network closure,

4. Set up your device settings

Once you’ve enabled roaming on your account, you must also manage your roaming settings on your handset itself, located in device settings. You can easily turn this on and off, this is a quick fix to avoid going over your data limit or Fair Usage Policy while you’re away. 

For iPhone: Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data Options → Data Roaming

For Android: Settings → WiFi & Internet → SIM & Network → SIM → Roaming 

5. Read up on our roaming help articles

We’ve put together all you need to know to keep you connected while abroad, you can find it

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