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How can I turn my ‘Roaming and international’ setting on and off?

It’s easy to change your 'Roaming and international' settings.

  1. Access ‘

    ’ online or via the UW app, click ‘Services’ → Mobile.

  2. Choose the mobile number you want to change and click 'Manage this SIM.'

  3. You can then view SIM settings where you’ll see our ‘Roaming and international’ option. To change this, click the top-right hand corner shown below and turn it on or off.

Please note:- changes to your 'International and roaming' setting should update the same day.

Want to set an International call cap?

If you're on

, you can also set an International call cap to control how much you spend on international calls. You can do this by going into your 'International and roaming' setting and turning it on and off depending on your needs.

To learn more about international calls,

Please note:- changes to the ‘International call cap’ will go live on the 1st of the following month.

screenshot showing where roaming and international settings are

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