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How can I control how much I spend on roaming and international calls?

Get ready to roam with our handy guide to stay in control of your bill while abroad:

How to control spending on roaming

You’ll need to switch to a Budget Control tariff. Free to all UW mobile customers, Budget Control limits any extra charges outside your monthly allowance. Set up budget control and set your limits by

How to control spending on international calls

Once you've followed the instructions above to activate Budget Control, you can also set your international call cap. You can do this by accessing ‘

’ via the UW app or web, select ‘Services’ → ‘Mobile’ → ‘SIM settings.’ This will make sure you spend inside your allowances when making international calls.

Here you’ll be presented with your ‘Roaming and international’ settings where you’ll see your International call cap. Click the blue pencil next to it and set your limit.

Please note:- changes to the ‘International call cap’ will go live on the 1st of the following month.

screenshot showing international call cap settings in roaming

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