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What should I do if my mobile has been lost or stolen?

If you’ve had your handset and / or your SIM lost or stolen, please read this whole article so we can get you reconnected quickly.

How can I replace and freeze my SIM?

You should replace and freeze your SIM to prevent any unwanted charges by someone else. To do this:

  • Online: Access your

    , click ‘Manage this SIM’ on your lost/stolen mobile and then ‘Report missing mobile.’ Read all of the information on the next page, and to confirm, click ‘Get replacement SIM.’

  • By calling us:

    to report a missing mobile 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. If you’re calling out of hours, you’ll be directed to an automated phone line to report it.

I lost my handset - what should I do?

You can block your device so no-one else can use it on our network. To do this,

and one of our advisors will help you.

For customers who bought their device independently from UW: you’ll need to confirm  your mobile IMEI number, which can usually be found on the box your device came in. 

When can I expect my new SIM to arrive?

Your replacement SIM will be prioritised in our warehouse, and you should receive it in two to four working days.

What should I do when my new SIM arrives? 

To get reconnected, you’ll need to activate your SIM too. Activate the SIM by

or call our automated activation line on 0333 003 5645. If you call in, you'll be asked for both your mobile number and the year of birth for the account mobile holder. 

Once you activate your new 4G SIM, your SIM allowances will automatically unfreeze. Don’t worry - your old lost or stolen SIM will remain completely unusable.

Can you help me order a new mobile device?

UW offers

which we dispatch quickly. See one you like?

Oops - I found my mobile. I ordered a new SIM and/or blocked my handset but turns out it wasn’t lost or stolen. What should I do?

If you find your old mobile, you’ll need to

to unfreeze your SIM and/or unblock your handset. If a new SIM arrives in the post, we still encourage you to follow the standard advice above and activate it to ensure a seamless mobile experience. 

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