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My top up isn’t showing automatically on my smart meter – what can I do?

When you top up, it’ll be added to your meter automatically within 45 minutes. 

But if there’s no signal, or you need access to credit more quickly, you can type the code from your top-up receipt into your smart meter display or directly into your meter using the keypad – and the credit will be applied immediately.

Top-up through your smart meter display 

If you need access to your top-up sooner, or on rare occasions where the automated top-up by your PayPoint retailer doesn’t register on your meter, follow the links below. 

Choose the link depending on which generation of smart meter you have installed. 

Top-up directly at the meter 

We’ve put together a list of links to help you get what you need from your smart meter. You’ll find helpful videos and step-by-step instructions. 

You should see a manufacturer name on the front of your meter. Choose the meter that applies below:

Second generation meters 

For first generation meters, click 


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