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How do I prepare for a smart meter upgrade?

Here’s some handy information so you know what to expect on the day of your upgrade. We’ll take you through: 

  • Important steps to take before your upgrade;  

  • What will happen on the day and

  • What happens after the installation. 

Before the installation:

  • Submit a meter reading (credit meters)

It’s useful to send us a reading as close as possible to the day your meters are upgraded. If we’ve not had a reading from you for a while, your first accurate bill after your smart meters are fitted could be higher or lower than you’d usually expect. 

  • Run down your credit (prepayment meters)

We suggest you don’t top up too much in the weeks before your appointment, to let your credit run down. Don’t worry, any credit left on your meters will be transferred to your new smart meters so you won’t be left out of pocket – but it can take some time for this to happen.

  • Check your meters and main fuse are accessible

Find out where your meters are, and check there’s a clear working area around them. 

If they’re locked in a cupboard or in a communal area, you may need to arrange access for the appointment. 

If the meters are located outside, our engineer also needs access to the main fuse switch and internal connections to install the new meter.

If we’re upgrading only one of your meters, our engineer will still need access to both the electricity and gas meter. 

  • Arrange for an adult to be present  

Make sure someone 18 or over is going to be there for the appointment, which normally lasts for around two hours.

  • Protect your pets

Please keep your pets in a room safely away from our engineer.  

  • Protect your gadgets

Please turn off any sensitive electrical equipment, like computers, alarms or TV boxes to avoid damage when your power supply is turned off briefly. 

  • Choose if you’d like to set up a security password

Our Home Services engineers can be identified by their van, uniform, and photo ID. If you’d like additional security, you can also arrange a security password for them to quote by calling us on 0333 777 0777.

Here’s what to expect during the installation:

  • We’ll call ahead of the appointment 

Our engineer will call you to discuss our safety measures and check that you’re happy to still go ahead with the upgrade. 

  • We’ll identify ourselves 

Our engineer will let you know who they are – they’ll have a photo ID – and they’ll explain what they’ve come to do. There may be times when more than one engineer will need to visit your property. We’ll check if this is okay with you beforehand. If you’ve requested a security password, our engineer will quote it. 

  • A safety check of your appliances

Before starting any work, we’ll carry out a visual safety check to make sure your gas appliances and electricity supply are safe. If there are any signs that they may not be safe, they’ll do their best to make things right and let you know what to do next. 

  • Your energy will be switched off for a short time

Our engineer will need to switch off your energy for around half an hour while they install your new meter(s). We suggest you turn off any sensitive electrical equipment, like computers, alarms or TV boxes to avoid damage when your power supply is turned off briefly. 

  • You'll be offered a free smart meter display 

You’ll be able to see how much energy you use, as you use it – helping you save money. 

  • Our engineer will explain things

Our engineer will explain how your new meter works and demonstrate your smart meter display. They’ll also help you with any specific questions you may have.   

  • You’ll be given personalised tips on using less energy 

Our engineer will give you energy saving tips and advice tailored to your home – to help you start making savings straight away. Or you can


  • We’ll take Covid-19 safety measures

Keeping our customers and engineers safe during the installation is our highest priority. Our safety procedures minimise any risk during the appointment. You can find out more about how we’re keeping you safe from Covid-19


What happens after you’ve had your upgrade?

You should be able to see how much energy you're using on your smart meter display. It’ll also start sending us readings automatically. 

  • Having trouble with your smart readings?

In rare cases, it can take a few weeks for your smart meter to send us readings, so you might not see them reflected on your bills straight away. In the meantime, we'll continue to use estimated or your manual readings to calculate what you owe. 

  • More steps needed?

Occasionally, some smart meters need a simple extra step to complete the set-up. If this is the case with your meter, we'll call you within the week following your appointment to talk you through what to do over the phone. 

It’ll be easy to follow and shouldn't take too long at all. Please take a look at this handy guide for details on what to expect.

  • I want to change how often my meter sends readings

Your meter will automatically provide us with regular readings, which will help us improve our service. For example, by giving you more accurate bills, carrying out forecasts on your usage, and creating more innovative products and tariffs, including insights into your energy use.

Your meter will collect readings at the default frequency applicable to you, as set out in

. If you’d prefer one of the alternative options, the guide shows you how to change your preference.

We recommend half-hourly readings, as this gives us a more complete picture so we can charge you accurately and support you better. To change your option, just


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