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I get an error message when entering my reading online

Here are some helpful tips that might help you with finding the issue with your meter reading:

  • Two-rate meters (e.g. Economy 7): If you have a day and night reading, check you've entered them correctly. Your meter will consist of three readings:

    • Peak ('day' read)

    • Off Peak ('night' read)

    • Total (of the off peak and peak reads)

The total reading can sometimes be mistaken for a day or night, so it's best to check your previous bill to see how they appear. 

  • Dial meters: If your meter has dials (like clock faces), use our simple

    on how to read this meter type.  

  • Number of digits: Any numbers in red or after the decimal point should not be entered. Checking a previous bill will let you know how many digits we're expecting.

  • Out of range meter reading: If you're giving a reading which is higher or lower than we’re expecting, or it doesn't match up with other meter readings on your account, this may flag as 'out of range'. 

It might be worth double-checking the readings, but if they’re definitely correct, you can take a photo and send it over to us using our email form on our

. Select ‘Energy’ and attach the photo, making sure you give your account number so we can look into it. 

Need help reading your meter? 

There are a few different kinds of traditional (non-smart) meters out there, so we’ve put together

to help you understand your meters.

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