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How do I submit my readings to UW?

Send us a reading at any time –

. You’ll need to log into your account, and go to the energy service section.

Or use our

– it’s quick and easy. Just visit the ‘Energy’ section under ‘Services’.

These methods work for single-rate meters and two-rate meters (e.g. Economy 7).

Remember – the reading is accepted for the date you enter it, so take the reading and submit it to us on the same day. The best day to give a reading is the last day of the month, but giving a reading at any time still helps us bill you accurately.

I have a smart meter; why are you asking for a reading?

Smart meters usually send us your readings automatically. But in the unlikely event where you do need to manually send a meter reading from your smart meter (for example, if you’re a new customer or your meter isn’t communicating correctly), you can find information on how to do this


I’m having trouble submitting my meter reading online


for some helpful tips on submitting meter readings online. 

Need help reading your meter?

There are a few different kinds of traditional (non-smart) meters out there, so we’ve put together

to help you understand your meters.

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