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What's the Light Bulb Replacement Service?

The Light Bulb Replacement Service is a free perk available to customers who switched all their services to us before 18 April 2021.  

Free lifetime guarantee

For as long as the qualifying customers keep their services with us, they'll never need to buy an LED bulb for their home again. If a bulb ever needs replacing, we’ll send them a new one in the post – free of charge. 

How do I get my light bulbs replaced? 

All you need to do is

and we'll arrange for your replacement light bulb(s) to be sent out to you in the post – click to get in touch.

How do I identify which LED light bulb I need to replace? 

We’ve put together a help page to help you identify which bulb you need – click

to view the page. 

Once you’ve found what you need, make a note of the name and quantity before you contact us, so our team can help get your replacements ordered as quickly as possible.

Do you offer different coloured light bulbs?

We can only offer warm white bulbs (2700K – 3000K) at this time.

I’ve moved home. Can I still get free light bulbs? 

As we no longer offer the Light Bulb Replacement Service as a benefit, we’re unable to supply you with another set of bulbs for your new home.

If you’ve moved within two years of receiving light bulbs from us and switched your landline, broadband, and mobile to your new property, then we’ll waive any contribution towards the bulbs that were installed in your old home.

What bulbs do you replace?

We had a selection of 26 of the most popular light bulbs in residential homes in the UK.

When we did offer this service to new customers, our fitters attempted to replace all bulbs in your home with a like-for-like LED. We didn’t replace strip lighting or any outdoor lights or lights in appliances (e.g. ovens and fridges).

If you took our Light Bulb Replacement Service in the past and are eligible for new bulbs, you can take a look at the bulbs we supply by clicking

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