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How to reconnect my smart meter to the smart network through my second generation in-home smart meter display

Start by pressing the OK button on the smart meter display.

Press the right arrow button twice to scroll through to ‘Settings.’ Select the option by pressing ‘OK’.

Then press the right arrow button to scroll through the different options until you see ‘Engineering’ on screen.Press ‘ok’ to select it.

It’ll ask you to ‘Unjoin’ – press the ‘ok’ button to continue.

Press the home button to go back to the home screen, and press the left button to scroll through to ‘Settings’ again.

Scroll through the options by pressing the right arrow button until you find ‘Engineering’ again. Now press the ‘Ok’ button to select it.

You should now see the option to ‘Join’ on screen – press the ‘ok’ button to accept.

You’ll see a message on screen saying ‘Attempting to join’. You’ll also see a Wi-Fi symbol flashing on the left-hand corner of the screen.

Once the display is connected to the meter, you’ll hear a beeping noise.

And that’s it! Your smart meter display should now be joined to your smart meter. You’ll start to see how much energy you’ve used on your display.

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