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How do I find my meter?

You're trying to give us a read, but you can't find your meter.

Here are a few tips to try:

If you can't find your meter inside your property, then take a look outside, it'll be housed in a meter box. A previous occupant/landlord should be able to help. Sometimes even a friendly neighbour can help as meters tend to be in similar locations, if the property is similar to theirs.

If it's a flat/apartment, it could be housed on the ground floor with other meters, again your property owner or supplier is the best person to ask. Each meter should be labelled with the corresponding flat number. If not contact your landlord or check a bill you might have received and match the meter serial number on there to the one displayed on the front of the meter (it will be generally be above/below a barcode). If you suspect it's not your meter make a note of the meter serial number and current read and give our energy team a call who'll be happy to offer further advice.


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