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My non-smart prepayment meter isn’t working

There are a number of reasons why your meter may not be working or you may not have electricity or gas supply:

1. Your meter credit may have run out – You can

or use the to get electricity again.

2. Check if your neighbours still have power – There could be a power cut in your area. If your neighbours are also without electricity, call your local distributor. Details for your electricity distribution company can be found on your bill, or you can call 105. It's free and connects you to your local network company.

3. Check your fuses and trip switch – The fuse or main switches may have blown. If this is the case and the problem persists, you’ll need to call an electrician.

4. Check your gas appliances – Sometimes the issue with a gas supply could be appliance-related. If you have more than one gas appliance, check that they’re all working to eliminate this possibility.

5. You’ve got an error message on your meter – You can fix most problems by wiping your key or card with a clean dry cloth and putting it back in your meter. It's also worth checking you’re using the right key or card. If you use an old key or card, or someone else’s, you'll get an error message. Click

to find out more.

6. Your meter is blank – It’s normal for your meter screen to appear blank, especially if it’s a smart meter. You can press any button on the meter and the screen will light up and it should resolve things. If the meter screen is still blank, we may need to send an engineer to you. Please call us on 0333 003 5644 and we’ll help you.

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