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I've lost/damaged my prepayment gas card

If your gas card is not working, you can fix this by wiping your card with a clean dry cloth and putting it back in your meter. It’s also worth checking that you're using the right card – if you’re using an old card or an incorrect one, you’ll get an error code.

If you’re off supply and have lost your card, and have no others with you, call us on 0333 003 5644 and we’ll arrange for a replacement to be sent.

If you've lost your card outside of

, you can still call us and you'll be given out-of-hours support instructions. Please call 0333 220 0233.

Have a smart meter?

If you’ve lost your smart top-up card, don’t worry. All you need is your top-up number. You can find out how to top up your smart prepayment meter by clicking


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