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Electricity non-smart prepayment meter error codes

Here are some helpful hints on what each code could indicate and what you can do before you contact us.

D2 Error Code

This tells you that you haven't got enough credit on your key to bring you out of Emergency Credit – you'll need to top up your key. You can top up at any PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office. You can find out more about topping up your meter


Once you’ve topped up, simply put the key into the meter to load the new balance.

Don’t forget, you need to repay the Emergency Credit the next time you top up.

D4 Error Code

Your key has the wrong meter serial number attached to it. Look for the right key and put it into the meter to check it works. If you can’t find the right key,

– we may need to send you a new key.

D6 Error Code

You've used an old or the wrong electricity key. Top up using the correct key, or, if you don’t have any other key,

for support.

An ‘E’ is showing on the display and the meter is beeping

This means the credit on the meter is almost running out. Simply

to have credit available for electricity.

For all other error messages

Please call us on 0333 003 5644; we’ll talk you through the best solution.

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