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My Cashback Card is being declined

We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems paying with your Cashback Card. Here are some common things to check, which may be why your transaction is being declined:

Do you have enough money on your card?

As a prepaid debit card, you won’t be able to complete a purchase if your card doesn’t have a sufficient balance. To check your balance, open the ‘Cashback’ section of your UW account. If you need to top up, tap the ‘Top up’ button next to it.

Are you using Contactless? 

The Contactless payment limit is £100, so any transaction above that amount will be declined. You’ll need to use Chip & PIN instead.

To help protect you from fraud, there’s a limit on the number of consecutive Contactless payments you can make. If you’ve exceeded this limit, which is currently 10 payments in a row, or transactions totalling more than £135, you’ll be asked to pay using Chip & PIN.

Are you entering the correct PIN?

You can check your current card PIN in the UW app. See

for more details. 

If you’ve entered an incorrect PIN three or more times, your card will automatically be blocked. To unlock it, go to an ATM that accepts Mastercard and, after selecting ‘PIN services’, choose the ‘Unlock PIN’ option and follow the instructions provided. 

Is your card blocked? 

Check if your card has been blocked from use by going to the Cards section within the cashback section of your UW account. See

for more information on how to unblock your card. 

None of the above

If you’re still having issues that aren’t related to any of the above, please contact our team. We’ll be glad to help you. 

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