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How to check your test socket

To troubleshoot your broadband, you can try plugging your router into your test socket, this will help eliminate if there is an issue with your internal wiring.

Your test socket will be in your master socket which will are shown in the video above. Your master socket is where your phone line first enters the property. It could be located in one of various places throughout your home, potentially at the entrance of your porch or front room, but could even be in your attic or garage. 

If you’re still not sure, have a quick look outside your property. See where the phone line enters your home. It may come straight from a telephone pole, or there’ll be a small unit on the outside of your property which will lead into that room of your home.

Once you’ve located your master socket, start by safely removing any cables that are currently plugged in. Follow the videos above on this.

To use your test socket, you'll need to plug your microfilter directly into it. From there, plug the grey cable into the microfilter, and the other end into the matching port on the back of your router. Wait up to five minutes for your router to reconfigure and try to reconnect.

Back online?

If you can successfully reconnect, there’s likely a problem with your internal wiring or the faceplate of your master socket.

and we can send an engineer to fix this for a £50 fee.

Can I keep my router connected to my test socket for long periods of time?

It's not something we recommend as it'll cause all of your other telephone sockets to fail temporarily. We only suggest you use it to test for faults.

Still not working?

Follow our other self-serve troubleshooting steps

If none of these work, you’ll also need to give us a call. 

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