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My broadband is slow

Experiencing slower broadband than usual?

If the results are lower than your package speed, log into the , go to Services → Broadband for our interactive troubleshooting guide to get you back on fast speeds in no time.

You can also try the following tips below:

1. Make a call on your landline (Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband only)

If you’re on our Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband, you must have a working phone line. Check you can make a phone call and that there's no noise on the line. If your phone works fine, try our next step. However, if there’s a problem, your broadband issue could be related to your landline.

2. Restart your Wi-Fi router (All broadband customers)

Switch off or unplug your router for a minute and then turn it back on. If you’re using one of our routers, it should automatically reconfigure after five minutes.

Have a Full Fibre service? Disconnect the power to your Openreach modem for one minute and then restart it. It should look like this and have a BT/Openreach logo on it.

illustration showing Openreach modem

3. Test with alternative equipment (Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband only)

Have a look at where your router is plugged into – do you have a standard telephone socket? If you have a pre-filtered socket, you can skip this step.

If you have a standard telephone socket, you’ll need to connect your router via a microfilter. You’ll have received one of these with your router when this was first delivered. Check our images below to check your set-up.

illustration showing standard and pre-filtered telephone sockets

4. Check your set-up (All broadband customers)

Here's how your set-up should look:

  1. If you've Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband and have a pre-filtered socket...

illustration showing pre-filtered broadband set-up

2. If you've Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband and have a standard telephone socket...

illustration showing standard socket broadband set-up

3. If you've Full Fibre broadband...

illustration showing full fibre broadband set-up

5. Need more help? (All broadband customers)

If you’ve tried all of our steps and you’re still not connected, there may be a problem with your line and you’ll need to speak to an advisor. Please

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