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I've got a problem with a calling feature on my home phone

There are a few things to try if one of your calling features isn't quite working as expected:

Anonymous Call Rejection

Try cancelling and setting it up again:

  • To cancel, dial #227#.

  • Then to set it up again, dial *227#.

Caller Display

  • Make sure your home phone supports the Caller Display feature, we know this sounds a little obvious! But it's worth checking.

  • We recommend connecting your landline to the main socket and if you have broadband with a standard socket, make sure you fit a microfilter

Caller Diversion

Try cancelling and setting it up again:

  • To cancel all diverts, dial: #21#

  • Try diverting all calls to a mobile number to test: *21*mobile number# (That's star, 21, star, the number you want to divert to, followed by the hashtag).

Call Minder

  • Try leaving a test message by calling your home phone from a mobile and see if this works. If your phone has an inbuilt answering machine, turn this off and re-test.

Choose to Refuse

  • Dial 14258 to check you've set up the numbers. Make sure you include the full area code of the number you'd like to bar.

Reminder Call

Try cancelling and setting it up again:

  • To cancel, dial ##

  • Try setting up a one-off call to test, call: *55*(time e.g. 1800 to be at 6 pm)#

  • Please make sure you use the 24-hour clock when you set the time.

If you're still having issues:

You can

and speak to our Technical support team who will work out the best solution to get this fixed for you.

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