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I'm having problems with my Wi-Fi

Having trouble connecting your broadband? Log into the

, go to Services → Broadband for our interactive troubleshooting guide to get you back online in no time.

You can also try the following tips below:

1. Make a call on your landline (Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband only)

If you’re on our Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband, you must have a working phone line. Check you can make a phone call and that there's no noise on the line. If your phone works fine, try our next step. However, if there’s a problem, your broadband issue could be related to your landline.

2. Restart your Wi-Fi router (All broadband customers)

Switch off or unplug your router for a minute and then turn it back on. If you’re using one of our routers, it should automatically reconfigure after five minutes.

Have a Full Fibre service? Disconnect the power to your Openreach modem for one minute and then restart it. It should look like this and have a BT/Openreach logo on it.

illustration showing Openreach modem

3. Test with alternative equipment (Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband only)

Have a look at where your router is plugged into – do you have a standard telephone socket? If you have a pre-filtered socket, you can skip this step.

If you have a standard telephone socket, you’ll need to connect your router via a microfilter. You’ll have received one of these with your router when this was first delivered. Check our images below to check your set-up.

illustration showing standard and pre-filtered telephone sockets

4. Check your set-up (All broadband customers)

Here's how your set-up should look:

  1. If you've Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband and have a pre-filtered socket...

illustration showing pre-filtered broadband set-up

2. If you've Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband and have a standard telephone socket...

illustration showing standard socket broadband set-up

3. If you've Full Fibre broadband...

illustration showing full fibre broadband set-up

5. Check your test socket (Standard, Ultra or Ultra+ broadband only)

To troubleshoot your broadband, you can try plugging your router into your test socket, this will help eliminate if there is an issue with your internal wiring. Follow the video guide above to see if this resolves your connection.

6. Need more help? (All broadband customers)

If you’ve tried all of our steps and you’re still not connected, there may be a problem with your line and you’ll need to speak to an advisor. Please

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