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I think there's damage to my phone line

If the damage to your phone line is inside your property boundary and your phone line has a fault like these:

  • The clips holding the wire to your house have rotted, or come out of the wall.

  • External wires, or cables, are loose or flapping against your home's brick wall.

  • Wires, or cables, have come down across your property - but they aren't in a dangerous position.

  • Your builders/contractors have cut down overhead wires - but they aren't in a dangerous position.

  • Wires are pulling your home's fascia board (often used to hold the rain gutter) away.

  • Your builders/contractors have dug up underground cable feeding your property.

  • The wires inside your property are loose, messy, cut, or damaged.

  • Your internal junction box (a type of socket that routes cabling) is hanging off the wall or has a lid missing.

You can

and speak to our Technical support team who will work out the best solution to get this fixed for you.

Have you seen phone line damage outside your property?

If phone line damage is outside your property, it's the responsibility of BT Openreach. Please contact them if it looks dangerous on 


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