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I can't receive any calls on my home phone

Try these steps - they might fix it:

  • Could there be a mix up with your line? Dial 17070 and check if you're played back your telephone number. If it's not yours, note what the number is and

    so our dedicated technical support team can look into this.

  • Is your phone’s ringer on? Make sure it's loud enough to hear.

  • Is your telephone or cordless base connected to your telephone socket securely? Make sure it's not come loose.

  • Is your phone faulty? Try plugging a different phone in, ideally a basic corded phone.

  • Do you have broadband and a standard telephone socket? Make sure you've got a microfilter connected to every telephone socket you actively use. This will reduce interference on your line. You don't need microfilters if you've got a pre-filtered socket but you will if you have a standard one:

  • Is any other equipment interfering with your line? Unplug everything, including any filters and test plugging just one phone directly into the telephone master socket – it's usually the one where your phone line enters your property.

Still not working?

Try your test socket, this will help eliminate if there is an issue with your internal wiring.

You can watch one of the videos below if you need help:

If your phone works, it means your line is okay. The fault is probably with your internal wiring or the socket front plate.

Would you like one of our engineers to fix your internal wiring?

We charge a £50 call - out fee for the first hour and basic materials - and £45 for every hour after this. There's a £50 charge if you miss your appointment.

If you're still having issues:

You can

and our Technical support team will be happy to assist.

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