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Where should I put my router?

Here are 5 handy tips to find your hub's sweet spot:-

1. Central to the household

Wireless broadband routers transmit Wi-Fi from all directions in a circle. This means the more central you can place it in your home, the better coverage you’ll receive. For example, if you put your router by a window, you’ll be transmitting your Wi-Fi both inside and outside your house.

2. Keep out the kitchen

All routers use radio signals to operate. And the kitchen is full of many electronic appliances and large metal surfaces that absorb and disrupt your Wi-Fi signal. Microwaves especially use the same radio wave frequency, so will actively compete when both devices are in use.

3. Wall-to-wall blockers

Thick walls make it hard for Wi-Fi to pass through your house, as they’ll absorb the waves. Try to place your router near an open doorway so the waves can roam free. You can also take advantage of our

if thick walls are unavoidable, ensuring signal in every room. 

4. Don’t use it as a carpet

Placing a router on the floor will immediately absorb its signal into the ground. Make sure your router is elevated, either on a table or a shelf to achieve better coverage. 

5. Smoke and Mirrors (and fish tanks!)

Water is the ultimate absorber of Wi-Fi signal, make sure your router isn’t placed near a fish tank to save your connection from swimming with the fishes.

Mirrors, or any reflective or steel surfaces, will cause the router signal to bounce around, causing disruption. We recommend keeping your router away from these kinds of surfaces.

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