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What is Whole Home Wi-Fi?

Say goodbye to frustrating Wi-Fi dead zones, thanks to our special partnership with Amazon and their latest eero devices.

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How do eero devices work?

eero devices are like additional routers. You simply plug them in around your home and they work together to create a powerful, secure network, making sure you get a strong signal in every room.

How easy is it to set up Whole Home Wi-Fi?

It’s really easy - once you’ve set up your router, you plug your first eero device into it to get it connected to the internet. You then plug in your other eero devices in your home and use the eero app to get them all set up and working together, giving you strong Wi-Fi signal in minutes.

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How many eero devices do I need?

Our standard Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with three eero devices, which should be enough for most homes. If your house has more than three floors, you may wish to add one or two extra devices to ensure the Wi-Fi signal reaches every room. You can always order more eero devices from us later if you find you haven’t got enough.

Why do I also need a UW router?

You’ll plug your first eero device into the router to get it connected to the internet. That eero will then send internet signal to the other eero devices around the house, giving you strong Wi-Fi in every room.

What’s included with eero Secure?

eero Secure gives you access to features including parental controls for specific devices, insights into your network usage, ad blockers and advanced security to protect your devices from threats.

How much does Whole Home Wi-Fi cost?

Our Whole Home Wi-Fi start at £5 a month for two eero devices. You can add more eeros for £2.50 a month each.

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