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What's Peak Saver?

For a

, Peak Saver gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines beginning 01, 02 and 03 and UK mobile numbers, at any time.

Calls to the Channel Islands (Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man) aren't covered by Peak Saver. After 75 minutes the call will become chargeable, so be sure to hang up and redial before the 75 minutes are up!

Peak Saver will be chargeable from the first of the following month. Calls made in the current month will be covered.

It's quick to add Peak Saver – you can do this in your 

 by clicking on View your Phone & Broadband.

You can view the latest monthly charge for Peak Saver

I've cancelled Peak Saver but I'm still being charged

When cancelling Peak Saver without changing your tariff, you'll still be charged the following month in order to allow for the current month’s calls to be included.

However, you'll be credited back for this automatically. For example, if you cancel Peak Saver in May, you'll be charged on your June bill but then credited back on your July bill.

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