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Why have I been charged for an engineer?

If we've applied a charge, we would've written to you to let you know.

An engineer charge would only have been applied to your bill, if: 

  • An appointment has been arranged for an engineer visit to your property and you have missed the appointment or refused access.

  • An engineer has been requested by you at your cost to alter your internal wiring.

  • A fault is found to be caused by your internal wiring

  • A fault is found to be caused by any equipment you've been using (including faulty or incorrect set up of equipment)

  • No external network fault is found and the service is proved to be working ok

  • The line or main phone socket has been damaged by yourself, or someone working on your behalf (e.g builders, gardeners, etc.)

  • Damage has been caused by damp, flood, fire or building work

  • There is damage outside caused by things like broken guttering or trees on your property

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