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What should I expect on the day of Full Fibre installation?

Full Fibre broadband will give you the fastest internet speeds UW has to offer, allowing you to stream, download and play online. To reach these speeds, we’ll need to install FTTP into your home. Here’s everything you need to know:

Ahead of Installation Day - What you need to know

There’s five important things to keep in mind before the installation:

Jot down the date –  If you need an engineer to come round and install FTTP, we’ll send you a text to confirm the installation date. You can also track your installation date by checking the UW app. 

Make sure someone who’s over 18 is in – They’ll need to tell the engineer where to install your connection. Installation can take up to three hours and the engineer will need to work both inside and outside your home.

Check that you’ve received your Wi-Fi hub – We’ll have sent it to you in a brown box. Inside you’ll find the Wi-Fi hub and the bits to set it up. 

Decide where you want your external box to be placed – Don’t worry if you’re not sure, our engineers will advise you on the day. If you’ve picked your spot, make sure to clear both side of the wall where the box will be placed. 

Do you rent? –  Make sure you’ve got your landlord’s permission ahead of installation.

Ahead of this visit, you may notice some engineers working near your home. This is just them getting the network ready to connect you. 

On Installation Day

You’ll get a call from the engineer telling you what time to expect them. This is also your chance to let them know of any access restrictions. 

Here’s a runthrough of what will happen:

  1. You’ll agree on how to get the connection into your home with the engineer.

  2. The engineer will drill a hole from the outside of the property for the Full Fibre cable.

  3. The engineer will install a junction box on the outside wall and run the Full Fibre cable.

  4. Once the cable is fed through the wall, the engineer will install an Optical Network Terminal, also known as an ONT box. This is where your router will connect.

You’re good to go! You’re now ready to set-up your Full Fibre router by following our step-by-step instructions


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