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How does automatic compensation work?

At UW, keeping you connected is important to us. So we signed up to Ofcom's Automatic Compensation scheme for Phone and Broadband services. Making sure our broadband and landline customers get compensation when things go wrong remains a priority.

This means that, if you're eligible, we offer Automatic compensation for those unfortunate circumstances when:

  • There’s a delayed repair following the loss of service;

  • An engineer misses an appointment; and

  • Your service goes live later than the date we said it would.

Are there any scenarios where I’m not eligible for automatic compensation?

You will not be eligible if the issue falls under the following reasons:

  • You are not a residential customer who has our Home Phone or/and Broadband service.

  • If we find the fault is caused by activity or equipment within your home, including a problem with your router.

  • If the missed appointment was as a result of you not being available at your residence. 

  • If you don’t accept the earliest appointment offered to you or if you have rescheduled an appointment to a later date (where applicable).

  • If there’s a Civil Emergency (for example a flooding) we may not give you compensation. 

  • If both landline and broadband services are down or delayed, only the primary service will be compensated. You are only eligible if you are unable to make and receive calls or access the internet, speed related problems are not part of this Code. 

How will I be compensated?

We’ll apply the following compensation as a credit on your next monthly bill after the incident:

  • £9.33 for each calendar day that a faulty service hasn’t been repaired after two working days of the issue being raised.

  • £29.15 per missed appointment if an engineer either doesn’t show up for a scheduled appointment, or cancels with fewer than 24 hours’ notice.

  • £5.83 for each calendar day of delay when your service fails to go live on the day we said it would, including the missed start date.

How will you let me know I’m getting compensation?

For missed appointments and late provisioning, you will automatically get the compensation, so you don’t have to call us. If you have a problem with your service, you will still need to call us to make us aware.  If you're eligible for compensation, we’ll let you know by email or send you a SMS.

How will I know the compensation has been applied?

You’ll see it as a credit on your bill under the ‘Credits and Debits’ section, it will be labelled as Delayed Activation Credit, Missed Appointment Compensation or Delayed Repair Credit, depending on the circumstance for which it was applied.

This credit is applied to the bill, reducing the amount you need to pay by that amount. 

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