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I'd like to know more about the Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount Scheme is a Government led programme offering support to households who are in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.

Eligible households are separated into two groups: the ‘Core’ group and the ‘Broader’ group. For the year 2021/22 they will receive a one-off payment of £140 on their electricity or gas bill.

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What documents do I need to provide with my Warm Home Discount application?

To apply for the Warm Home Discount Broader Group scheme we may ask you to provide proof of the benefits you are receiving. 

You only need to send this in if we request it. If you're unsure whether you have been asked or not, contact us and we'll check for you.

If we ask you to provide documents but you don't send them, you won't receive the rebate.

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