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When will I get my first bill?

It depends on when you start your contract with us.

If one of your services goes live towards the start of the month, we’ll usually send you your first bill in that month.

If your services go live after the first week of the month, you'll usually need to wait until next month to receive your first bill. Your first month's usage will be added to the next month's bill, which means it might be a little higher than normal.

If you haven't received your first bill by the 16th, you'll probably need to wait until next month to receive it.

What happens if different services go live at different dates?

Your first bill will only be for the services that have gone live by the billing date. For example:

If you have energy, broadband and mobile, and only your energy is activated by the first week of the month, at the end of that month you will only get a bill for your energy use. The usage of the other two services will be included in your next bill.

Getting accurate bills

To ensure the bill is as accurate as possible, please supply us with recent meter readings. If you have a smart meter your readings will be automatically supplied.

Once your bill is ready to view in your account online or in the UW app, we’ll contact you to let you know. If you receive a paper bill, this’ll be posted to you as soon as it’s ready.

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