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Video support option

Our video support option allows our teams to see your problem in real-time through the rear camera of your mobile phone whilst on a call with us. For example, if you want to share with us what you're seeing on your smart meter or broadband router.

How will I be able to use this video option?

If you'd like to use our video option to help explain an issue you're experiencing, please call our support team as usual and then request to use the feature to share what you are seeing in real-time. We’ll send you an SMS with a link to join the video session, and after clicking the link you’ll see a screen welcoming you to the 'UW Video Assistant'. You’ll then be able to select ‘allow access’ to start the video - all the time still continuing the original conversation with us.

Why use this feature?

Instead of taking time to describe what you are seeing on your meter or router we’ll be able to see your problem first hand, meaning less time discussing and more time resolving your query.

Are video sessions recorded?

No, nothing will be recorded or stored from the video calls. However audio calls will still be recorded as normal.

Will the video session have audio?

No, the video session will not have audio. However, you'll remain on the original call with us to still continue the audio conversation at the same time as sharing what you can see via the video session.

Will I be charged for this feature?

If you’re on an unlimited data plan or using Wi–Fi there’ll be no charges for the video call. However, if you are on a data plan, standard data charges for video calls from your allowance will apply.

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