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How do I make an early termination claim for my £400 to help switch offer?

To claim for an Early Termination Fee refund, just send us a copy of the bill from your previous provider that shows the specific Early Termination Fee charge; we’ll then be able to credit this amount back.

If you’re claiming for more than one charge, make sure you have copies of all the relevant bills, and send them together.

They can be sent to us using our

and selecting 'Send proof of early termination fee' from drop-down or alternatively post them to us at:

Utility Warehouse

Member Services

508 Edgware Road



Once we've processed your claim (usually within eight weeks of receipt), we'll credit your Utility Warehouse account for the charges you've incurred, up to a maximum of £400. 

You’ll need to continue to take at least three services with us for the next 12 months (including the services you’ve claimed an Early Termination Fee refund for), starting from the date the credit is applied. If any of these services end during the 12 month period, you’ll have to repay this credit.  

 for full Terms and Conditions.

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