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Everybody Saves FAQs

Which services does Everybody Saves apply to?

Everybody Saves is available to all customers who switch their energy (gas and electricity, or electricity only if gas isn’t available at the property), broadband and mobile to UW and meet the eligibility criteria.

You must sign up to our variable energy tariff in order for Everybody Saves to apply to the energy element of your services. If you take our fixed energy tariff we will only compare and price match your broadband and SIM only mobile services.

If I’m coming to the end of an introductory offer, can I still save? 

Yes, you can. Your savings are based on your most recent bills and any notified price changes and that includes introductory offers.

How are my savings calculated?

Once you’ve switched to UW we’ll calculate your savings. Our savings calculation is based on a comparison between what you're projected to pay over the next 12 months if you stayed with your existing suppliers, and the estimated annual price quoted by UW. If our combined estimated annual price isn’t already £50 cheaper, we’ll credit you the difference.

Energy: A comparison between what you are projected to pay to your existing supplier over the next 12 months (based on your annual price projection, including any price notifications) and the estimated annual price quoted by UW (only applies to customers who take our variable energy tariff).

Broadband: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include calls or features.

Mobile: A comparison between the monthly tariff from your existing supplier and the annual price quoted by UW. This does not include handsets or out of bundle usage.

How will I receive my savings?

If you’re not already saving at least £50 by simply switching, you’ll need to send copies of your previous bills and any price increase notifications via email to

. We’ll then review and validate, before confirming the savings amount with you via email. Your savings will then appear as credits on your UW bills for the rest of your first year with us.

Who is eligible for Everybody Saves? 

Any new customer who: 

  • Switches their energy, broadband and mobile to UW

  • Submits their previous suppliers’ latest bills and price increase notifications 

  • Has a Smart Meter or agrees to have a compatible Smart Meter installed

We’re not currently able to include customers with energy prepayment meters, as it’s not possible to accurately calculate usage for the purposes of a comparable quote.

What happens after my first year at UW? 

After 12 months, you’ll move onto our Double Gold pricing and enjoy the benefits we offer to those who have all their services with us, such as our best value energy prices and 10% off your broadband. If you decide to switch any of your services away from us after 12 months, you'll move onto our standard or Gold pricing, depending on the services you keep.

How long do I have to submit a copy of my bills to claim my savings?

If you’re not already saving at least £50 by simply switching, you’ll need to send us a copy of your bills and any price increase notifications within three months of signing up to UW in order to claim your savings. 

What if I can’t access my bills online?

Most providers should let you set up an online account to access your bills. If you can’t access your online account for any reason, you’ll need to get in touch with your previous supplier/s to request a copy of your latest bill.

What if I can’t get my previous suppliers’ bills?

Where we need to apply bill credits to ensure you save with UW, we’ll only be able to do so when you send us your previous suppliers’ bills. This is because we need to see details of your plan, as well as your payments, to be able to directly compare them with our services.

What information needs to be included on my previous bills?

To be able to calculate the savings and validate your bills, we need your most recent bill that includes the following information:

Energy information

  • Your name and address 

  • Personal projection and annual usage for gas and electricity

  • Any discounts, offers or credits

  • Any notified price changes

Broadband information

  • Your name and address

  • Broadband speed or tariff name

  • Monthly cost for broadband and line rental (separate or combined)

  • Any discounts, offers or credits

  • Any notified price changes

Mobile information

  • Your name

  • Data allowance and monthly cost

  • Any discounts, offers or credits

  • Any notified price changes

If I have been moved to a new supplier due to the energy crisis, are you comparing my prices to my old or new supplier? 

As we require your most recent bill from your current energy supplier for Everybody Saves, we’ll need a bill from your new supplier to accurately make your saving calculation. You have up to three months to submit your bills to us, so this should be enough time for you to get a bill from your new supplier. If you are struggling to get hold of a bill from your new supplier, please send us your most recent bill from your previous supplier and let us know you're struggling so we can try to help.

How do you compare my current supplier mobile SIM only tariff with your UW tariffs?

As our Unlimited and Value tariffs both come with unlimited minutes and texts what we’ll look at is data. If you’re on a tariff with a previous provider with data over 5GB we will use our Unlimited calls, text and data SIM price in their savings calculation. If you're on 5GB or less with your current provider we will use our 5GB value SIM price in your calculations. 

Remember we only compare UK minutes, texts and data. Handsets, equipment and add ons such as international calls, roaming charges, features and out of bundle charges are not included in Everybody Saves and will be charged at our standard rates.  

Can I get more than one mobile SIM?

Yes, you can get as many SIMs as you'd like to, but only your first SIM will be included in the savings calculation. For your first SIM, you’ll need to send proof of your data allowance and monthly cost with your previous supplier for us to use in the saving calculation. Any additional SIMs will be added as an extra service at our usual prices, which is £12 for each additional SIM you take with us (up to x3 additional SIMs only). The only exception is if you have a multi SIM unlimited bundle with your previous supplier. In this case, we’ll match the price of up to four SIMs but only if the SIMs are part of a bundle, all unlimited (minutes, texts and data) and all with the same provider. 

How do I get the £50 UW cashback card credit?

To be eligible for the £50 credit you'll need to apply for a UW cashback card when you first switch your energy, broadband and mobile to us. Alternatively, you can also apply through your online account, but this must be within 30 days of switching to us.

You’ll need to activate the card when it arrives, and the £50 spending credit will then be applied after you top it up for the first time. The £50 credit must be used in your first six months with us.

Full terms for the Cashback card: £50 credit can be found at 

Where can I read the full terms for Everybody Saves?

Full terms can be found


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