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Does the new ‘30-days to change your mind’ cover all of my new services with UW?

If you sign up to our Double Gold bundle (switching your Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile to us) from the 18 April 2021 you can cancel any of the following services within 30 days of signing up - Home Phone, Broadband, ‘SIM only’ mobile connections, Electricity, Gas and Boiler & Home Cover. For all other services, you will have 14 days to cancel. 

Costs applicable 

You will just need to pay for any installation costs and costs you have incurred by using the services - either up to the date of cancellation or the date you switch your services away, whichever is the latest. 

Returning equipment

You must also return or pay for any equipment that was provided by us to enable them to use the services listed above. 

Further information on cancelling Boiler & Home Cover is set out within your policy documents, including the amount payable if you have made a claim within the 30 days. 

Your 30 days start from your initial joining date, not when your services start to go live. 

Full Terms and Conditions apply to our 30 days to change our mind offer, and can be found in our residential

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