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Have my Economy 7 meter readings been billed the wrong way around?

Although rare, sometimes between switching suppliers or occupancy reads can get switched round especially if there were large gaps in providing reads.

The reads on a standard Economy 7 meter consist of :

  1. Peak ('day' read)

  2. Off Peak ('night' read)

  3. Total (of the off peak and peak reads)

If you think your meter readings are billed the wrong way round, there's a quick easy way to check this yourself.

Sometimes the times for your off peak hours are listed near your meter and usually fall during night hours (somewhere between 7pm- 7am) but this can vary depending on your meter or region.

But if it's not clear which ones which, try this:

Between 8am and 6pm on a weekday, make a note of two sets of all three reads at least four hours apart i.e. one set at 9:00am and then another at 1:00pm. At 1:00pm only two of the reads should've changed (from what they were at 9:00am), one will be the day read and the other will be the total (you can check this by adding up the other two reads).

Check the reads on your previous bill, if they appear like they are billed the wrong way round please

with the reads you took and we'll get this corrected.

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