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I've lost/damaged my prepayment key or card

If you've lost or damaged your prepayment key or card, please

and we'll send you a new one as soon as possible.

For electricity, sometimes the quickest way to get a new key is for you to pick one up from a local outlet. Please have a pen and paper handy when you call us as we'll give you an eight-digit reference number to take with you if this is the case. The outlet should ask who your supplier is and will issue you with a compatible key (this may be an Npower, EDF or E.ON key).

If this can't be arranged, we'll have one posted out to you. Please note this can take up to five days to arrive. So if you think you might run out of credit and have your supply switched off at this time, please get in touch as soon as you know.

If you've lost your key outside of our opening hours, you can still call us and you'll be given out-of-hours support instructions.

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