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Why's the amount I'm paying for energy higher than the amount I was quoted at the start?

When you decided to switch your services to us, we asked you a few questions to work out how much we think you're likely to spend on your energy. This quote is an estimate.

During the switching process, we then receive more information about the property's actual usage from industry data and the previous supplier. We'll use this information to set up a more appropriate Budget Plan amount (your predicted monthly average usage). We wouldn't want you to continue paying an unrealistic amount, which may only leave you with an outstanding balance after 12 months. If you'd like to understand how it's calculated, simply click


If you still don't think the Budget Plan amount looks correct, contact us with a recent meter reading and we'll review your amount. It's worth waiting at least 3 months before you contact us, this way we'll have a better understanding of your usage over a longer time frame, we can then compare it more easily.

We want to help you, so you can manage your energy payments evenly throughout the year.

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