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How do I top up my Cashback Card?

We offer a few automatic settings to help you keep your card topped up.

Set up a ‘Fixed Top Up’ - Can be scheduled weekly or monthly

A regular fixed amount top-up, just choose the day of the week/month and set the amount.

Set up a ‘Automatic Top Up’ - tops up automatically when you have low balance

A top-up that kicks in when you hit a 'floor level' (lowest it should go) balance, just choose the balance (minimum £20) for it to kick in, and the fixed amount you'd want to top up.

The first five top-ups each month are free, after which it becomes chargeable at 35p a top-up, added to your following months bill.

Make an Instant top-up

Whether you've found the perfect outfit, or that TV you been looking at for months has finally gone on sale and you don't want to miss out on the cashback you save off your bill.

This is why you can make an 'Instant top up' too anytime by tapping on the link below.

You'll be able to select any amount between £20 and £10,000 and top up with a debit card. Remember that the maximum balance is £20,000 at any given time.

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