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My meter seems faulty or damaged

If you're ever concerned about your safety or the meter is damaged, don't hesitate to follow our


Otherwise you can take a look through these frequently asked questions before you contact us.

I think my meter has stopped working

If you have a smart meter and the screen is blank please check it's not gone to power saving mode, you can wake it up by pressing any button.

If the above doesn't solve the issue or you have a traditional (non- smart) meter which has stopped moving,

and we'll help resolve this. We may ask you to send us a photo of the meter but our team will let you know if it's needed.

My gas or electricity meter is making a noise

Occasionally, a non-smart Economy 7 electricity meter may make a click noise when it switches between the day and night registers, so, if you hear this, there's no need to worry. Gas meters can also make an occasional noise but this shouldn't be loud enough to cause you any disruption.

I think meter isn't clocking my usage correctly

If your meter appears to be showing higher or lower readings than what you expect, there are some things to consider before you contact us.

Could your readings be higher or lower due to:

  • your circumstances, such as working/schooling from home or you have extra people living in the home.

  • changes in the types or number of appliances or devices in your home, changing your cooker from gas to electric. Or even a change over a short period, maybe you've recently got your power tools out to do some much needed renovations or gardening.

  • weather it's hot or cold, it can influence our usage of certain appliances such as using a cooling fan because we're suddenly experiencing a British heat wave, please take a look at the list below.

Here's a list of some of things we can easily forget use energy in our homes:

  • flood lights/outdoor lighting

  • dehumidifiers/ halogen heaters

  • fans/fan heaters

  • pond pumps/sprinkler systems

  • extra TV's / games console / laptops and tablets

  • tumble dryers/ washing machines

  • pools/jacuzzi's

If you don't believe it's this and you'd still like to consider having the meter tested please get in touch for details of the cost and timescales or to get further advice.

All meters are classed as recording units accurately as long as the reading is within tolerances of:

2.5% fast  - 3.5% slow 

We'll only cover the cost of the test and adjust previous bills if results show readings fall outside of these tolerances.

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