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How do I get my meter moved?

If you looking into moving your meter if you're:

  • finding it difficult to read or access your meter

  • having building renovations

As your supplier we can move your meter but we're restricted by how far we can move it and it's dependent on the work that's involved. It's illegal to move your meter yourself so it's important you get in touch as soon as you know works are required.

When you contact us we'll need the following information:

  • Which meter do you want to relocate? (Gas, Electricity or Both)

  • Where would you like your meter/s to be relocated to? (e.g. From the inside to outside, on the same wall within a few centimeters, on the other side of the wall, in another room)

  • Has the relocation been discussed with the distribution network operator (DNO) or Gas Transporter already?

  • Is there any dates already agreed for the preparation work to be completed by one of them, if so when has it been set for?

We'll be able to talk you through the options and the associated costs. We may ask you to send a photo of the meter and it's current location to help understand your request better.

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