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What do I do if I want to close my account and not take UW services when I move?

If you don’t want to take any of your UW services with you when you move, please provide us with a meter reading if you take gas and /or electricity with us just before you move.

If you’re moving and won’t be taking your UW services with you, then you can let us know by using the link below. You’ll be asked to provide meter readings (unless you have smart meters) so please have this information to hand. We’ll then be able to send you an accurate final bill shortly after your move.

Our quick and easy online form will help make sure your move goes to plan and avoid your account going into debt. We recommend you start these steps at least 28 days before you intend to move. If you pay via Direct Debit, please don’t cancel it until your final payment has been collected. If your account is in credit, we’ll arrange a refund.

If you have the information, we’ll ask for the name of the new person taking responsibility for the property after you move. This may be the landlord, letting agents, property management company, new owner or tenant.

Unless agreed otherwise, we’ll also need you to return any UW equipment that we provided for your property. We’ll let you know the best way to do this.

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