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How do I purchase UW broadband?

UW broadband offers reliable and high speeds, and a free UW Wi-Fi Hub, unlimited usage, as well as free landline calls to other UW customers. You also have the option to upgrade to Whole Home Wi-Fi, receiving two Amazon eero devices to keep a strong signal in every room.

New customer?

If you don’t have any services with UW, you can find out more about our tariffs and purchase your new tariff

. You’ll be asked to type in your address to see which packages are available; from there, we’ll guide you through every step, from checkout to set-up. 

Existing UW customer?

If you’re an existing customer, it’s quick and simple to add broadband by visiting ‘

’ or the UW app. Click ‘Services’ → ‘Broadband,’ and we’ll then guide you through every step, from checkout to set-up. 

 How do I switch to UW broadband from my current broadband provider?

We’ve put together everything you need to know to make switching simple. You can find our guide

. The switching process usually takes up to 15 days depending on your tariff and property, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

To find out why over 350,000 customers trust us as their broadband provider,

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