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Where can I find information on call features for my home phone?

We have a range of call features available for Home Phone. To view the latest monthly charges for these features,


Anonymous Call Rejection - Automatically blocks calls from people who withhold their number.

Caller Display - Shows the telephone number of the person calling you, we provide this for free.

Call Diversion - Diverts incoming calls to a different number of your choice.

Call Minder - Our standard answering service (similar to BT 1571).

Call Minder Plus - Our advanced answering service.

Call Waiting - Let's you know if someone is trying to call you when you're on the phone.

Choose to Refuse - Prevents unwanted callers from getting through.

International Boost - 1,000 minutes to our top international landline destinations.

Peak Saver - FREE calls to all UK landlines and mobiles 24/7.

Off-Peak Saver - FREE calls to all UK landlines and mobiles in the evenings and weekends.

Three-Way Calling - Allows three people to take part in the same call.

If you'd like to add a call feature onto your service, please

. Our team will be happy to help.

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